This April we teamed up with PayPal to service their international digital production in Bulgaria — one video and five different photoshoots, part of their global Summer Moments campaign — working with an entirely Bulgarian crew. OK, not entirely — we had a German steadicam operator on a Segway, to capture beautiful tracking shots of a dog in a bike basket. Check it out:

The Best Ride, as the ad is called, is one of four videos, produced by 4 production companies in different parts of the world — Madrid, LA, NYC, and Sofia, Bulgaria. …

Photograph: Mihail Mishev

The official premiere of both the album ‘Once Upon a Pink Sedan’ and Episode One — Natural Phenomena has happened a month ago and it’s time to share with you whta the directors of photography Nicola Atanasov, Aleksander Kartsov, and Dimitar Tenev are recalling as experiences with the project.‍

EVN made us an accomplice in Alex and Katya’s magical love story. Magic — like the quiet night sky, full of luminous stars, in which a large residential building lit on and off to send coordinated messages of love on its façade. We had the opportunity to produce this flash mob video that marked the beginning of Alex and Katya’s married life.

After 8 years together Alex had decided to propose to Katya. He was sure of her answer but she didn’t even realize what was about to happen. We chose a large residential building in Plovdiv. We told…

Case studies like this allow us to show case some of the varied work we do. We are often requested to do work that is not only for commercial use. For example, we stay positive, flexible and supportive to social campaigns that we stand proudly behind. Here is something we collaborated with Fine Acts Foundation — not our first project together. Because it’s always a beautiful journey when you work with people who are united by common moral and professional values.


Together, we created a fake story about a famous chef coming to Bulgaria to launch his new…

From directing 80 shots in 7 hours through shooting from a sinking boat and dealing with an actress’ hypothermia on set to overnight underwater scenes with scuba divers — the directors of “Once Upon a Pink Sedan” have experienced all kinds of intense moments during the interactive album’s production…

As we shared recently, our passion project with the indie music duo hug or handshake is getting close to the finish line with the full album premiering on May 17 on Spotify and other streaming platforms. Our indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is running in full power for one more week and you…

You’ve probably already heard about our indiegogo campaign. If you haven’t, check it out here:

Shortly said, we are in the process of creating the first Bulgarian interactive music videos, part of a whole music album. We are talking about the indie-rock band hug or handshake and please, remember their name!

There are still 12 days till the end of the campaign and we are looking for only 28% of our goal. You can support us by buying some of our limited perks or just make a donation. Check out the perks available:

  1. Pink Sedan: A Signed Poster. In…

14 days till the end of our indiegogo campaign. You can still support us here:

As we promised, we are inviting you to dive deeper into the experience and immerse yourself in our work process for hug or handshake‘s interactive audio-visual album — the first Bulgarian interactive music videos.

Take a look at a short BTS from our last shooting day which was carried out in a way that applies to the whole project — with the cast&crew’s full dedication and their unending adventurous spirit.

a case study on how to start a project from scratch, build creatively on it, produce it and direct it in-house… and win awards for it in the end.

Meet Lidl Bulgaria.

Lidl Bulgaria,part of Schwarz Group, started in 2010 with 14 food retail stores. Today they are the type of store where you can find everything in one place. From yoghurt to electric screwdrivers, to sportswear, DIY products, cosmetics, clothes, and more. Lidl wanted to increase the added value of their non-food product categories and to inspire the online generation to be more active offline by doing crafts, beauty…

Reaching 63 % of our goal on indiegogo is an ocasion for celebration. And we are celebrating by revieling to you some of the cast behind our interactive music video series.

Meet Petar

Petar’s character:

“Life is a dream” for Petar, who struggles to differentiate past from present, reality from visions, and actual trauma from paranoia. A character of uncertainty and doubt, he makes us lose our grip of reality simultaneously with him, taking us on a twisted adventure through time and memory.


The person behind this character

Pepi is one of the two usual suspects from hug or…

First update on our indiegogo campaign.

We’re off to a great start! Thanks to all of our supporters!

Thank you for believing in us, guys. You are great!

We’ve raised more than 1000$ in the first 9 hours, which is 1/3 of our goal. We appreciate your generosity and we send you our virtual hugs. We see that your favourite pеrk is the hug or handshake hoodie, so we will show you their design very soon.

We are still on indiegogo for 29 days and we have super cool streched goals if we exceed our primary goal. Don’t hesitate and go to check them out!

To find out more about our project, check this article:

Love ❤,

handplayed X hug or handshake


handplayed is an award-winning full-service content creation studio, based in Sofia,Bulgaria. We produce commercials, music videos, films & experiences.

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