Case studies like this allow us to show case some of the varied work we do. We are often requested to do work that is not only for commercial use. For example, we stay positive, flexible and supportive to social campaigns that we stand proudly behind. Here is something we…

14 days till the end of our indiegogo campaign. You can still support us here:

As we promised, we are inviting you to dive deeper into the experience and immerse yourself in our work process for hug or handshake‘s interactive audio-visual album — the first Bulgarian interactive music videos.

Take a look at a short BTS from our last shooting day which was carried out in a way that applies to the whole project — with the cast&crew’s full dedication and their unending adventurous spirit.

a case study on how to start a project from scratch, build creatively on it, produce it and direct it in-house… and win awards for it in the end.

Meet Lidl Bulgaria.

Lidl Bulgaria,part of Schwarz Group, started in 2010 with 14 food retail stores. Today they are the type…


handplayed is an award-winning full-service content creation studio, based in Sofia,Bulgaria. We produce commercials, music videos, films & experiences.

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