The First Bulgarian Audio-Visual Experience

‘Once Upon A Pink Sedan’ — the debut album of the indie pop/rock band hug or handshake.

This has been the longest and most ambitious collaboration for both hug or handshake and handplayed, spanning over the course of more than two years now. The result? — the first Bulgarian interactive audio-visual album that bridges the gap between music and cinematic experience and features six music videos which allow you to choose the perspective of the story and relive it multiple times, exploring new truths and dimensions. Moreover, hug or handshake’s music serves as a social reminder that awkwardness is understandable and confusion could be fun.

Not just an album — an interactive experience for all your senses. Here is the trick, tough, if you wanna say hi to it, we need your help.

And you can support us on indiegogo, where we launched our campaign today. ->

In less than half a day, our campaign is already second in the Music category on Indiegogo. But we still need your support. What for?

Two years ago we, at handplayed, started working with the band on their audio-visual identity coming up with the idea for an interactive video album — six songs, six music videos, one story, multiple perspectives.

A year ago we applied for funding from the National Culture Fund in Bulgaria and we were partially supported for the pre-production and production of the videos. Now we need a little more help with post-production to finish the last three episodes and share them with you.

Each song will go out with a regular music video on the Youtube channel of hug or handshake, but for those of you who crave to untangle the story further, an interactive version of the video will also be uploaded on the band’s website. To top it all off, a few exclusive cinema screenings of all episodes will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria, in June.

Check more about the band, the story, the most talented and kind team behind it all on our campaign page.


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