We reached 1/3 of our goal on indiegogo in 9 hours.

First update on our indiegogo campaign.

We’re off to a great start! Thanks to all of our supporters!

Thank you for believing in us, guys. You are great!

We’ve raised more than 1000$ in the first 9 hours, which is 1/3 of our goal. We appreciate your generosity and we send you our virtual hugs. We see that your favourite pеrk is the hug or handshake hoodie, so we will show you their design very soon.

We are still on indiegogo for 29 days and we have super cool streched goals if we exceed our primary goal. Don’t hesitate and go to check them out!

To find out more about our project, check this article:


Love ❤,

handplayed X hug or handshake

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